Gas & Lantern Cases (1)

Handcuff Cases (3)

Magazine Holders (21)

Handles (4)

Gun Cases (39)

Screw and Springs (12)

Domestic Production

With the power from this land


We export to 7 continents.


Wholesale products are sold.

Special Production

For institutions and organizations

Acaral always produces the top-quality products in weapon accessories.

Our brand was established to offer the best quality products in the field of security materials and their accessories for the customers at the most affordable prices, and from the past years, our approach in the sector continues in the same way.

Since 1997, we have been making great efforts to reduce our dependence on foreign sources by producing our products in this sector. We continue to expand by following the latest news in this sector and demands of our users.

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Practical and Utilitarian/Ergonomic

Our products are utilitarian and extremely practical in terms of use.


Stylish and Safe

Visually the most minimal and the safest


Which Suits You

Among many products, choose the one that suits you most.

Practical, Stylish and Safe

The best design, safe and ergonomic structure/utilitarianism is our priority in our products.

Due to our founding principle, we do not compromise on using the safest and highest quality products with our professional team. Our brand represents our country in international area.

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